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Cumulus is a cryptocurrency that allows users to send and receive tokens on a P2P network or "mine" on the network to create tokens for themselves. Cumulus reimagines the proof-of-work mechanism used by Bitcoin and many other major cryptocurrencies to put coin mining computation time to good use. The Cumulus node client is built using Go.


Driver is a ride-sharing app for Android that ensures everyone gets home safely. Users provide their destination address and Driver intelligently matches passengers to drivers to minimize driving time. When passengers are matched to drivers, Driver generates an efficient route to each destination. Driver is built using Java and Firebase.

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About Us

UBC Launch Pad is a student-run software engineering team devoted to building software projects in a collaborative and professional environment.
Our primary objective is to be the best space at UBC for students to meet other tech enthusiasts, build projects in a team setting, gain experience with professional development tools and principles, and share their knowledge with others. We form teams based on common interests and project ideas of our own choosing, and hack on our projects to completion! We are also lucky enough to have sponsors which help provide our teams with necessary resources, like servers, to help us achieve our goals.


Our platform teams dive deep into their platform of choice and develop apps from conception to release. We have teams for iOS, Android, Web, and Machine Learning.


Our moonshot team explores cutting-edge technologies and tackles challenging problems. Think IoT, distributed computing, AI.


We host interview workshops and tech talks throughout the school year to connect with the UBC tech community and increase interest in software development among UBC students.

Our Team

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If you are a programmer or designer at UBC and are looking for the opportunity to work on interesting projects with fun people please don't hesitate to get in contact with us by emailing team@ubclaunchpad.com.

Developer or Designer

Join our development team to improve your skills and resume. You have the basics down, but want to collaborate with a team and learn professional development practices.



UBC Launch Pad seeks to provide the best environment at UBC for collaborating on great software. This requires servers, professional development and design tools, and powerful hardware.

Our sponsors allow us to provide an industry-standard development environment to students and deploy apps to users beyond Launch Pad. Sponsors have direct access to the best software developers at UBC for hiring purposes and build connections to the wider UBC tech community through Launch Pad events. If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us.