Tech Lead 🚀


As a tech lead, you are not just responsible for leading your project: you will be an active member of our leadership team, engaged in club-wise planning, decision making, and driving initiatives you are passionate about! You will have the opportunity to mentor, lead, and learn from both your project teams and the rest of the leadership team so that you can help us make Launch Pad an awesome environment for everyone.

We do not accept applications for this role.

Our tech leads are selected through a nomination process. If you are a member of Launch Pad, feel free to reach out to your lead to learn more!


  • 📣 Lead a team of developers and designers over 4-month development process
  • 🔍 Drive technical design and project scoping of your team’s project
  • 🚴🏼 Spearhead sprint planning for your team’s project
  • 🎳 Support members throughout the development process when they need help
  • ✅ Provide feedback and progress updates to the leadership team to learn from each other’s work, and to help the co-presidents coordinate teams
  • 💬 Be an active member on the leadership team to voice out your ideas and opinions on how we can make Launch Pad the best experience for everyone!
  • 📚 Contribute your experience and processes to our documentation website
  • 📝 Engage in the recruitment process by reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and nominating future tech-leads

What you get

  • An amazing documentation website to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed!
  • Develop your leadership and communication skills by leading a cross-disciplinary team with the support of other experienced leads
  • Take your technical skills to the next level by overseeing a long-term, in-depth development project
  • Flexibility and autonomy to make this experience about things you care about
  • Make meaningful contributions towards Launch Pad’s mission
  • Create life-long relationships with the people from Launch Pad 💫

Time commitment

Time commitment can vary significantly based on your own preferences as well as the requirements of your team.

If you decide to lead the planning of an event or some other initiative, for example, your time commitment might look very different from a lead who is primarily focused on their team.

In general, our leads onboarding covers most of a lead’s basic responsibilities (about 1 hour of leads meeting and 1 hour of team meeting per week), but how much time your team needs will depend on how you run your team, how much support your members require, and the nature of your team’s project.