Designer 🚀


As a designer at UBC Launch Pad, you will be working with other designers and developers to ideate and build a project for 4-8 months! You will be creating beautiful interfaces that provide great user experiences while being supported by Launch Pad’s design lead and your team’s tech lead.

Learn more about us on our website or our club overview, which includes our vision and code of conduct. You can also learn about how recruitment works in Launch Pad in our recruitment overview.


  • Learn and build collaboratively with other designers and developers
  • Attend team meetings and complete tasks to the best of your ability with the support of your lead and team
  • Spearhead the design of the project by conducting user research, user testing, wireframing, and prototyping
  • Communicate with your design lead or co-presidents if you need any support
  • Follow the onboarding procedures to prepare yourself for the term

What you get

  • An amazing documentation website to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed!
  • Learn and exercise professional design practices
  • Experience the full lifecycle of bringing a complex project to life
  • Advance your UX/UI skills by spearheading product design in the team
  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills by creating a meaningful project with your team
  • Make some life-long relationships with the people from Launch Pad 💫

Time commitment

  • Club meetings every Saturday from 11pm-2pm
    • Meetings are primarily in-person
    • (most weeks) the first hour is required, the rest of the time is to hang out, work, and eat lunch together; we highly recommend staying if you can!
  • Around 5 hours per week working on tasks


  • Samples of personal projects. This can be:
    • A website portfolio
    • PDF portfolio (Google Drive Link)
    • PDF Case studies (Google Drive Link)
    • Slide Deck (Google Slides Link) A passion for learning and experimenting, and a willingness to participate actively
  • We welcome folks of all skill levels, whether you are a complete beginner just starting out or if you’ve done several internships and have a portfolio of awesome projects - learn more about our recruitment goals in our handbook