Design Lead 🚀


This year, we are establishing a closer leadership team, where tech-leads’ responsibility extends from simplifying leading your project to engage in club-wise planning and decision-making. Therefore, we are looking for someone who is passionate about Launch Pad, and is willing to take initiatives in growing not only as a person, but also as a team!

We do not accept applications for this role.

Our tech leads are selected through a nomination process. If you are a member of Launch Pad, feel free to reach out to your lead to learn more!


  • Lead a team of designers over 8-month development process
  • Spearhead the design recruitment by reviewing applications and conducting interviews
  • Collaborate with tech-leads to learn how you can support the designers in their team
  • Support and provide guidance to other designers when they need help in their projects
  • Responsible for Launch Pad’s branding and social media marketing
  • Nominate future design lead (keep an eye on who’s being a superstar 👀)
  • Provide feedback and progress updates to the co-pres to help them understand the performance of the club
  • Be an active member on the leadership team to voice out your ideas and opinions on how we can make Launch Pad the best experience for everyone!
  • Help us document design and administrative processes for future generations of designers in our handbook!

What you get

  • Develop your leadership skills by leading a cross-disciplinary team with autonomy
  • Advanced your design skills by overseeing the design elements in multiple projects
  • Demonstrate you are a problem-solver by creating a meaningful project with your team
  • Make some life-long relationships with the people from Launch Pad 💫