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Teams and projects are paired one-to-one. All teams include at least one lead with a number of developers and designers. Teams vary in size and developer/designer ratio.

Depending on the project teams can vary in the following ways:


Team size can be larger if project scope is more demanding. As an estimate the average team sizes are 6-8


Teams will by default include 1 or preferably 2 designers and rest as developers.

  • If the project is exclusively a developer project it will not include any designers
  • If the project is exclusively a designer project it will not include any developers

Experience Levels

Teams will include a balanced ratio of experience and beginner members. This helps us to ensure projects can reach their goals while having room to grow, learn and mentor. Some teams might have a slightly different breakdown depending on the project

  • If the project is demanding, more experienced members are chosen
  • if the project is tailored to offer valuable experiences, more beginner members are chooses