💼 Onboarding for Strategy

This page is outdated. We will update it shortly!

Welcome to UBC Launch Pad, and congratulations (and thank you!) for joining the strategy team!


Slack Channels

Make sure you are added to:

See our Slack guide for more details.

Rocket Team

Make sure you get added to the strategy Rocket team by the co-presidents.

GitHub Teams

Make sure you are a part of the GitHub team @ubclaunchpad/strategy, and check that you can access the private Strategy repository - this repository contains sponsorship resources and event/sponsorship tracking issues. Rocket should do this for you - check your email for an invitation! Please do not ask to be added directly without checking with #ask-rocket if there is a problem.

Account credentials are generally tracked in the Exec repository - reach out to #ask-leads if you need login details to anything, and they will help you get access.

Make sure that you are watching all relevant repositories so that you don’t miss any updates! To learn more about setting up your GitHub notifications, check our GitHub guide.

Google Drive

Make sure all strategy members are given “editor” access to the shared Launch Pad Strategy subfolder, which is owned by the [email protected] account. Rocket should do this for you - check your email for an invitation! Please do not ask to be added directly without checking with #ask-rocket if there is a problem.

In general, assume pretty liberal with access to folders in Google Drive (since it is hard to keep track of access over time, especially for individual documents, and for ease of use we generally share entire folders with everyone).

Sensitive information (such as contact details for sponsors) should be tracked in one of our private GitHub repositories and distributed as required (for example, by linking to specific issues from Drive documents).

Similarly, do not add credentials (usernames, passwords) in Google Drive. Instead, get them added to the private Exec repository and provide the credentials to those who need it as required.

Email and Accounts

All Strategy members will be given access to the [email protected] Gmail account to help in correspondance with partners and sponsors. Learn more about Launch Pad email in the email documentation.

To gain access to various social media accounts, see the social media documentation.


We use GitHub and Slack for pretty much everything - make sure you are intimately familiar with both, regardless of your role, by reading our handcrafted guides:

Recurring Processes

The Strategy team is responsible for driving efforts on our recurring processes with the Leadership team.

Acquiring Sponsorships

Planing and Hosting Events

Create an Event tracking issue in the strategy repository - all the things you need to do are included!

You can also refer to the Guide for Meeting with clubs for collaborative event planning.

Social Media

Social media management workflows are documented in the social media guide.


Reimbursement requests should be filed in the Leads repository using the reimbursement template, which also contains follow-up instructions.

Further Reading