🏎 Launch Pad Objectives

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We want to create a set of clear, measurable objectives for each school year, in rough order of priority. This helps hold us accountable to our goals, ensure that we are improving the club, and learn from our experiences.

Objectives and results for each year are documented in this page. Each school year is denoted by the year of the fall semester, typically in September, and ends around May of the following year. At regular intervals, we will evaluate how close we got to our goals and assess how we can improve the following year - learn more in our recurring processes documentation.

Objectives have the following format:

  • Objective: some overarching theme we want to work towards
    • Result: some measureable, numeric result we want to achieve to make progress towards this objective

Whenever our objectives are evaluated, add nested dot points documenting our progress towards our goals.


  • Encourage collaboration and communication between developers and designers

    • Every single club member participates in at least 3 discussions on GitHub (issues and pull requests)
  • Mentorship & diversity within the club

    • 40% of new members are “beginners”
    • Every lead and 2 developers from each team participates in a project-related discussion with another team on GitHub (issues and pull requests)
    • Add 10 new contributors to the handbook
  • All administrative info and processes are included in the handbook

    • Leadership spends no time reinventing admin tasks
  • Improve project completion rate

    • Every project achieves its MVP and is in a state where we are able to advertise them on Product Hunt (or equivalent platform)